Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Julia's Bachelorette Bash!

well I am certainly getting good at this once a week every Wednesday thing...

anyways, this post is brought to you by my semi-still-hungover-25-year-old-self
I can't drink like I used to. 
and this weekend was pure madness but oh so much fun

a group of a 11 of us traveled from all over to Asheville, NC to celebrate Julia's bachelorette weekend!

we rented the most gorgeous house outside of town
I mean, really, look at that kitchen.
Friday night we decided stayed in
there was lots of eating, drinking, gossiping, and catching up 
my mistake was staying up way past my bedtime 
[and enjoying probably four one too many margaritas]

Saturday we were suppose to go to the Biltmore for a wine tasting and tour 
but trying to coordinate 11 partially still drunk hungover girls proved to be a difficult task 
[mainly, we all just wanted fried food and beer]
instead we decided to go Wicked Weed Brewery 
this place was so fun and eclectic
[also full of stinky, dirty, sweaty, hippies] 
Jared would of hated it 
I only wish I hadn't felt so stinking bad to enjoy the beautiful afternoon there
[damn you tequila and wine] 

after much needed naps back at the house
we headed out again for dinner
we ate at The Southern
which has fun twists on classic southern dishes with rotating seasonal items
so good.

then it was time for more drinks and dancing all around downtown
Julia, the soon to be Mrs Landen in May! 
fake mustaches were a must. 
it was so much fun to have a girls weekend away 
and obviously I took full advantage because I am still recovering from it 

Sunday Jared and I met some of my friends from work to see the movie Divergent
we have all read the books and agreed it was a good movie but definitely strays from the book itself

now it is back to real life and work. 

but I am off again for Gwyn's bridal shower in Raleigh this weekend
I am a bridesmaid in her wedding and she is also getting married in May!
the trip is also a good excuse to catch up with some of my favorite Raleigh ladies as well

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