Friday, January 16, 2015

Jared's 29th Birthday Bash!

We celebrated Jared's last birthday of his twenties [pour one out for all the homies] last weekend and it was a very Jared party. 

His actual birthday was on January 7th, a Wednesday, so we couldn't really do anything to crazy. All he requested for the day was homemade chili as his meal and to relax after dinner for the night. He really is such a simple and easy to please guy. I love it! 
chili for the birthday boy. his mom's recipe, of course! 
 We topped off the night with the best dessert around, cupcakes and cheap champagne. I'm telling y'all, easy to please. 
Gigi's triple chocolate chip and banana pudding for the win.  
The real celebration came the Saturday after Jared's actual birthday. I asked Jared a few weeks prior to what he wanted to do for it and he responded with, "no bar and in bed at a reasonable hour" (or something similar to that, so practical, that man). He was dead set on the no bar thing, so we decided to have people over to our house during the day and early evening for burgers, games, football, and beer (of course). I truly think we stuffed the majority of Jared's favorite things in one day! Only missed smokin' a pig and the beach. 
Austin, the man who brings his own giant mug to a party.
love these ladies and love that they came to celebrate my guy. not loving my five-head an chunky sweater arm though. 
can't celebrate this amazing man enough. lucky to have spent the past seven birthdays with him. 
ah yes, our downstairs living room was turned into a college frat room in a matter of minutes. Complete with live guitar playing, songs about sorority girls, and beer pong. I think our hand-me-down futon brought the spirit. 
Jared's birthday would not be complete without video games. where they all got their butts kicked by a girl! 
Happy 29th Birth Year to my fabulous husband! I can't wait to see what this year will bring for him! Also, can't wait to get plans going for his big 3-0 next year! If his 29th is any indication, it will be one hell of a rager. Just kidding, I am in charge of the next birthday, sorry in advanced Jared.

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