Monday, January 19, 2015

Married Weekends

People always said your social life would completely change after you get married. They said your priorities will change because there are two people, two schedules and two groups of friends to consider now. Translation, you will stop going out and partying on the weekends as much because you'd rather be an old married couple. This is totally true but, I think people should change this warning to: your social life will completely change when you become a homeowner. 

Seriously, we bought our house at the end of August and it is all I think and talk about. Our weekends are consumed with home projects, trips to the home improvement stores, pinning about home updates and projects, cleaning the house and conversations about the house. We don't like to stay out late partying on Fridays and Saturdays because we would rather not be hungover so we can be productive the next day (though, maybe that's a little bit of adulthood coming out). Clothes shopping has fallen to the wayside because I'd rather spend that money on end tables. We are obsessed and we love it.

This weekend was no different. It was the prefect mix of old married couple and homeowners. 

First, on Friday night we went to a uber romantic dinner at one of our favorite spots near our house, Sawmill Taproom. It's really just a sports bar, but they have Hell Yes Ma'am on draft year round, so always a winner. They do have spectacular burgers and sweet potato tots as well. To be honest though, we mainly go for the beer. 
yep, we sat fireside at Sawmill. telling you, uber classy.
Second, we are trying to decide on an all over paint color for the living rooms, hallways, and kitchen. I painted the kitchen and dining room about two weeks after we moved in and made a clutch decision on the colors. BIG MISTAKE. I love the dining room color but loathe the kitchen color. I wanted a light grey and it looks lavender in our kitchen. Yes, I got the samples and tested them on the walls and even questioned it before I chose. That will not happen again. We currently have five different color samples on the walls literally all over our house (15 places to be exact). I am going to get this right this time. I digress, so we spent a bit of time picking a favorite. We both have the same favorite but want to give it just a little more time before running out and purchasing five gallons.
Third, we are working on updating the downstairs guest bedroom. I have so many big ideas for this room and can't wait to see them come to life (hopefully). We are in a bit of a time crunch on this room though because my older brother just got a new job in Raleigh and will be staying with us part of the week so he won't be commuting from Wilmington everyday. I really want most of it finished before he starts staying here next week. Yeah...we will see how that pans out. 
current state of our downstairs guest bedroom. disaster. 
Fourth, Jared spent a lot of money time working on his bike Saturday. I love that he has found this as a little hobby of his. He is just too adorable working out in the garage with the bike all in pieces trying to make it just right. He officially got it working so now we can start riding all the fabulous greenways and trails we have around our house. 

Fifth, we went to see a six o'clock movie on  Saturday night. I know, so wild of us. We saw American Sniper. It was truly AMAZING. Bradley Cooper deserves all kinds of awards for that performance.

Sixth, ended our Saturday evening with Friends in bed. We have all the DVDs but having all the episodes and seasons on Netflix makes it so much easier. So, we decided to watch it from the beginning, again.

Toss in a run, lunch with mom and her boyfriend, a trip to the grocery store, me working urgent care Sunday and Jared cleaning the house Sunday (yes he does that and I absolutely love it!) and you have our weekend wrapped in a bow.

I'm sorry, but does it get much better? I love the time we get to spend just the two of us having quality time and making the house we bought into our home. I also throughly enjoy every single minute of being the old lame married couple sometimes. Though, won't lie, I love a good night out dancing and gossiping with my girlfriends.  

Side note: I am running again, YAY! 
My sister in law got me a fitbit for Christmas and I am fully addicted to tracking my sleep and obsessed with getting 10,000 steps per day. 

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