Thursday, January 19, 2017

First Christmas

Before I even got pregnant I knew Christmas would be big discussion between Jared and our families. You see, both our families are big on Christmas. Since all of Jared's family (except Charli Kay) live in Texas, that has meant a lot of traveling over the past 9 years and too many 5 am Christmas morning flights for me to make it home to my family for Christmas day. I knew when Jared and I decided to have a family we were going to want to make some holiday traditions of our own. One major one for me was waking up in our own home on Christmas morning. This meant not traveling to Texas or Wilmington. It probably sounds silly, but that first Christmas morning together, just the three of us, was just how I envisioned it and something that I will remember forever. So the tough decision to not travel was worth it.

Having a baby this Christmas made the whole season feel so magical. I am sure each year will get better and better especially as he learns the meaning and his imagination grows. 

We went to the tree farm to cut our own tree. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1.5 hours we spent looking for the perfect one. Jared on the other hand, knew we would go with the first one I picked 5 minutes into it. He was a great sport and let me have my fun walking up and down the rows of trees (several times). I loved our tree, even if it ended up being just a baby pine in our living room.
We took Fletcher to meet Santa in Wilmington with my mom. He wasn't impressed. He just stared at him and remained in complete shock until we left Santa's village.  I secretly kind of hope one year he just loses it like some of the other children we saw there.
Jared and I tried to do a little more outdoor decorating since we wouldn't be traveling this year. It didn't come out exactly how we imagined, but I like to think we had fun putting them up. You'd have to confirm that with him though.
Christmas Eve
This was the first Christmas Eve in 31 years that Jared was not with his family in Texas. I know it was tough for him. We did our best to keep it low key since in years past it is an all day sprint to see and spend time with everyone. We started the day at Layne and Emily's where Emily gifted Fletcher the best gift ever, his Junior Wolfpack Club membership. It came with so many fun goodies and definitely something we will be using. Then we ran a few errands before stopping by to see my brothers and letting Fletcher wear Wilbur's reindeer antlers.
We went to the 5:30 Christmas Eve service at our church. It surprisingly wasn't as crowded as I was anticipating. Nothing like the Easter service. The nursery was super full but Fletcher did great..
Once home from church we tried (and failed at) some self timer pictures. Ate Grandma Sandy's famous chili for dinner. Then Jared read us The Christmas Story from our family bible.
After bath time, we helped Fletcher put out cookies and milk for Santa (aka ourselves). He was trying so hard to steal a cookie before bed.
After he went down. We got to play Santa, something I have been looking forward to for so long. Once all the gifts were set up, we curled up on the couch with our cookies and milk wine and bourbon to watch Christmas Vacation.
It was my favorite Christmas Eve yet.

Christmas Day
Like I said, Fletcher's first Christmas morning is something I will remember forever. It truly was just how I had imagined it with just the three of us. I will never forget that sweet innocent face lighting up when he saw the living room. Granted, at 9 months he wasn't entirely sure what was going on.

We took it slow and opened gifts without a hurry. Fletcher's big gift from Santa was his wagon. Jared had so much fun picking this thing out. Of course it has all-terrain tires that you have to pump with an air compressor. Its pretty legit. The rest of the morning was spent pulling the wagon around the cul-de-sac and eating Irwin Family Breakfast Casserole.
Jared started a tradition with Fletcher this year that his Uncle J did with his boys growing up. Each Christmas Fletcher will get a tool from Jared to build his collection. This year, he got his very first toolbox!
My mom and brothers came over in afternoon to finish opening gifts with us. Fletcher had fun playing with his uncles. But I think his second favorite thing next to the wagon was playing in the cardboard boxes. Yes, it is true what they say, don't spend money on gifts. 
Next Christmas Fletcher will a year and 8 months. Which is bananas to think about. I am sure it will be pure chaos and we will love every minute. I am so glad we took it slow this year and soaked in all the sweet little moments. The day seemed to last forever and it was so much fun.

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