Sunday, February 12, 2017

Random Thoughts While Running

Yesterday, Saturday, was my long run day. My plan had me scheduled for 4.5 miles, but the route I did took me on 4.9 miles, ugh why didn't I just go the extra 0.1 miles for an even 5.0 #OCD
Jared asked me the other day if I had ever been tested for ADD (rude) but then I got to thinking maybe, especially after these random thoughts I had on my run yesterday.

  • I really need to try those wireless headphones and get music synced to my watch 
  • Technology is the worst
  • Man those women must be running or training for a marathon with all that gear 
  • Cute dog
  • Cute baby 
  • Brrr that wind off the lake is cold 
  • Oh hey! I love waving to other runners
  • So much geese poop
  • Do I need new shoes? 
  • I think I run funny 
  • Jared was right, I didn't need these long sleeves 
  • [Passing the ladies on the loop again] There's no way they need all that gear for 3 miles. Please tell me y'all are running farther 
  • [waves at another runner]
  • Darn it! Stupid technology. I stopped my run app accidentally. Blame the sleeves. Now I will have two different runs on one day.
  • I think I have mild OCD
  • Damn 9.36 mile pace. Get it girl.
  • Thank god for panty liners 
  • This.damn.hill.
  • Ok really need to get those wireless headphones 
  • How am I going to run 13.1 miles 
  • There's no way
  • There is certainly no way my bladder is going to hold for 13 miles
  • Remember to wear dark pants on race day
  • I wonder what Fletcher is doing [sleeping]
  • This is the worst.
  • Do I even like running.
  • I gave birth with no pain meds. I can do this.
  • I want to do this.
  • New sports bras might be a good investment 
  • I love Camp Patton [blogger] I wish I was that witty 
  • I wonder how my sister in law is doing
  • "I found you miss new booty..." nearly impossible to not sing along to
  • Thank goodness hot n here didn't play
  • Recruit Jared to make my half marathon playlist.
  • Pretty close to home, but could probably go farther 
  • I really do enjoy running
  • I need to call my brothers more
  • Am I good mom? A good wife? 
  • I wonder what Jared looks like when he runs 
  • Running is pretty refreshing. Wish it helped me make hard decisions. 
  • Last hill, I bet Fletcher is awake [he wasn't]
  • Look there's the house!
No, I definitely don't have ADD.

This weekend has been beautiful! I am currently enjoying this 65 degree morning on the porch with my coffee while I finish this up this post before church. Hopefully meeting up with friends from birth class and their son, who is just 12 days older than Fletcher, for some park time or some outdoor Sunday brews. Can every day be this nice?

I chopped my hair and went darker/more natural on Friday. Well, I consider this chopping. I wanted to go shorter but knew I would probably regret it after I realized I didn't know how to style it. Plus, I still need to be able to pull it back in a ponytail. My girl, Olivia, at Blo is the bomb-dot-com. Obsessed.
come on, tell me Olivia is not the greatest.
because we can't have a post with out a picture of Fletcher


  1. OMG. I love this post. I love posts with Fletcher, too, but please please write more about you, too. I seriously have the same ADD while running and issues with technology for sure. And then, considering my emotional state, I totally busted out into tears when I read about Mile 4. At first I was like, who is her sister in law?, and then I was like, OMG that is me. Tears.

  2. Your hair looks great. Thanks for including a picture of the little one.