Monday, March 6, 2017

Fletcher 11 Months

We are less than a month away from having a ONE year old. Seriously, how is that even possible? Jared and I both agree, I was literally just pregnant.


This age is non stop and such a blast. He wears himself slap out which I think is why he has been napping so much harder at daycare and at home. He is legitimately always moving, unless he is asleep. His attention span is getting longer so we can actually play. He is figuring things out and putting pieces together, like when we hide something behind our backs he is actually looking for it.
We have one smart, sweet, gentle, mamas boy.


This month brought us our first scheduled play date with a friend from birth class (Myers who is just 12 days older than Fletcher), a birthday party which resulted in a busted lip #bigheadedbabyproblems, Super Bowl and the Patriots ultimate comeback, still loving to open cabinets, pointing, calling everything "da" or "ba," swinging, first Valentine's Day, cutting of top front teeth, first PTs fry, discovering he can lift the toilet seat and put his hands in the water [disgusting, I know], Mama's work promotion, oyster roast, ate a little dirt, and FIRST STEPS!
these boys are far too cool to smile with their moms on their first play date tog
my sweet Valentine
brought Fletcher's wagon to the oyster roast. it was a hit with the ladies. we are in trouble.


Activity: doing anything outside [swinging, walking, eating dirt, watching his dogs], dancing, playing in the toilet, pulling everything out from cabinets [kitchen and bathroom are the favorites]
Food: Hawaiian rolls [dang JuJu for introducing these], cheese, raspberries, blueberries, carbs
Toy: remote is still in first place, but also likes anything that is not intentionally a toy. Queue, bottle brush or toilet paper roll.
don't let this face fool you, he loves his swing


Activity: being strapped in to anything [we still hate the car seat], being told "no," not being picked up while dinner is being made
Food: meat
crying for so many reasons: 6pm, being told no, wanting to be held, over the photoshoot, wanted to eat a leaf


Eating: down to 4 bottles per day (700, 1100, 1300, 1900) three meals and lots of snacks! Bottles are still a mix of breastmilk and formula. Meals at daycare are provided and are way fancier than anything we are eating. For example, spinach quiche, hummus roll up, and salmon burgers. At home the meals are really just whatever Jared and I are eating or berries.
Pumping: I have officially weaned from pumping! I slowly dropped a pumping session every few days and decreased the amount of time I was pumping per session. I dropped the final pump just in time to not have to pump on our first parental weekend away [more on that in a later post]
Sleeping: [knocking on wood as typing] we have turned a corner on nap time at day care, PRAISE! He has consistently been sleeping 1-2 hours everyday. Phew, only took 7 months...Night sleep still great. He had a pretty bad cold his last week of his 10th month and would cough so much in his sleep but it never seemed to bother him too much or wake him up. Just sounded pitiful.


bruise on cheek and forehead and busted lip. poor child.
JuJu made slippers like my great grandmother used to knit
still a fan even in a very disappointing season
the inherited "woman, why are you taking another picture" look
wild child
first PTs fry! with a side of blueberries of course
mamas boy
the toddler size hat is almost too small.
dirt is good for the immune system, right?
big ol' front chompers coming in big.
Fletcher James, you are keeping us on our toes. Everyday with you is better than the last. Thank you for being the sweetest and best challenge we have ever had. You are truly wonderful. We love you so much.


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