Thursday, March 23, 2017


Last Monday I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday. Nothing too exciting about turning twenty-eight. But, this was the first birthday I have celebrated as a mom and that made the day pretty special.

The Saturday before we went downtown to spectate some of the Saint Patrick's Day shenanigans. It was far too cramped and full of crazies for us. We opted for an early dinner at The Draft House before meeting some friends at the dive bar, Around the Corner.
too cool for school
On Sunday we kept with my birthday tradition of eating Japanese steakhouse dinner, specifically Kanki. Fletcher was in complete awe and stared at the chef the whole time. The similar reaction he gave to Santa. Maybe its the overalls?
same Buddha, different belly
The evening of my actual birthday I requested Jared watch the finale of The Bachelor live with me. To my surprise, he agreed and brought me prosecco in bed. Mighty good man.
helping me open gifts
he secretly loves my reality TV drama
Last Thursday Jared left to go to Texas for his cousin, Jakie's, wedding. Fletcher and I were sad to be missing the wedding but couldn't figure out logistically how to make it work. Plus, this mama has zero PTO left. Jared being gone meant it was just Fletcher and I flying solo for four whole days. This was the most time we have spent alone together since my maternity leave. It also means I am now winning in the "nights alone with the baby" category. Not that its a competition. I think Jared still takes the cake since he had Fletcher in the hurricane alone. Mad props to single parents.

Fletcher and Mama Weekend Recap:
Thursday we made it to daycare and work on time
Had a buffalo wing Friday night date
Stuck to our Saturday tradition of bagels
Went to Myers' first birthday party at Umstead Park
Got some new plants for the front porch at Costco
Watched a crazy thunderstorm roll in
Sunday was spent organizing the house, laying grass seed, birthday party planning, and wagon riding
Our time together flew by and I will cherish those days we spent just the two of us, but we sure missed dad. You never realized how much your partner helps you until they aren't there. Again, single parents, you are amazing.

How are we celebrating this boy turning ONE year next week. ALL.THE.EMOTIONS. Yes, I frequently cry on the way to work after dropping him off at daycare now. Yes, I continue to hug him a little tighter. Yes, I am savoring every single moment, even the 6pm meltdowns.


  1. That buffalo dinner made my mouth water! Yum! I'm also glad to see that Jared's 5k shirt is getting some good use! Happy Birthday Week, Fletcher!!!

  2. Jared does not secretly like your trashy tv.

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