Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Caitlin

Today my best friend and maid of honor turn 24!

Caitlin and I met in middle school, where we didn't exactly get along...the feud went on until we were brought together by mutual friends the summer before starting high school. Thus, this magical friendship was born and we have been nearly inseparable ever since. I have blessed with a wonderful and amazing friend who has supported me through everything. Though we have had our ups and downs and we now live in different cities I couldn't imagine the last 10(ish) years of my life without her. I am so thankful that she will be standing next to me the day Jared and I get married. Thank you for being born Caitlin :)

This weekend I traveled to Raleigh to spend the weekend before Caitlin's birthday with her! It was a blast and I am fortunate to have such wonderful friends!
What a pal
We hopped on the parked Trolly Pub
Channeling our inner Rodney Purvis before the game. Didn't work. 
Love my Layne. 
Don't ever make a bet with a Strikol.
Justin bet Kim last State/Carolina game. He lost.
This was his outfit for the game. 

I love you all and thank you for another wonderful weekend!

Jared and I were suppose to take our save-the-date pictures this weekend, but the weather was nasty so we rescheduled to do them this Wednesday in Winston-Salem (Eek)!

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