Friday, February 1, 2013

Wedding Rant

Happy Friday and Happy February Folks!

I just wanted to share the ultimate wedding day pet peeve of mine with you all. 

Since I am currently planning my own wedding I am constantly looking at wedding videos on to get ideas for our wedding. I have found a lot of things that I love and a lot of things I would never dream of doing. Mostly I just start to cry about 30 seconds into the videos because they are so beautiful and weddings get me every time. If I don't cry at my own I will be very surprised. 

The number one thing I will NEVER do is see Jared before I walk down that aisle. I actually get mad when I see this happen. I would not describe myself or our wedding as traditional. But, this is one wedding tradition I would not dream of breaking. I understand the argument for seeing them before...there is more time for aren't keeping you're guests get that special time just before with the two of you...blah blah blah. I still disagree. 

Even though I have never done it, I can imagine that there is no other surprise (other than finding out you are pregnant or the sex of the baby) that can top that moment when you see you soon-to-be husband at the end of the aisle and he sees you for the first time. I get butterflies thinking about it. 

Sorry for all you brides that love the idea of seeing the groom beforehand, but I think it is just down right ridiculous. 

However, I do love pictures like this...

A sweet moment without seeing each other 
I am so excited to do this because our venue has doors just like this! 
In other news we have officially begun planning for our engagement pictures (finally)! There hasn't been a good time with school and everything else to set a date. We are shooting for the end of February! I am so excited to start working with our photographer Libby McGowan

I forgot to mention earlier...I have THE BEST big brother in the whole world! His wedding present to Jared & I was to pay for the photographer for the wedding (the ultimate wedding package at that)! We could not thank him enough for such a wonderful gift! 

With that being said, I am now under pressure to pick out a place where we want the pictures done. Obviously, we are thinking Raleigh, NC. It is our favorite place and it is where we met. We have some other ideas, but want to keep those secret until the pictures are posted! 

I want to keep it true to who Jared and I are as a couple. I love pictures of people doing the cute-sy little things in the park or faking a picnic, but that is just not us at all! 

Here are some ideas I love. 

Love the background 
Jared will obviously be picking me up 
Love the colors and the pose 
Let's be real, Jared and I don't canoe or dress like that, but this is adorable.
This is more like us. Clumsy and a hot mess. 


  1. Your photographer looks awesome..I checked out her website :) Can't wait to see your engagement pics!

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