Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hoppy Easter Weekend!

usually this holiday is spent with my family
however, working at a hospital and having all the other previous holidays off
it is my turn to work this weekend again
middle of my 4 day bender at work
since Jared had off Friday we went to the Greensboro Grasshoppers game for Thirsty Thursday
Jared was such a good sport
he grilled all the food and had to put up with a large group of nurses
not an easy task but I think the drinks helped with that
he's just so great
 the story behind the mustaches
the EMS guys are in a mustache competition with each other and are all growing these ridiculous ugly staches
we wanted to prove to them that MoCoHo ED nurses can do it way better than them
thank goodness, our favorite summer brews are out!
the Shiner Ruby Redbird is my personal go to with grapefruit flavor, so perfect on a hot night
 last night we thought we would try out the whiskey that Jared has been aging since January
the kit was part of his birthday present and he has been so good about not messing with it
but when he went to put some in the glass it was all gone!
seriously there was nothing left in the barrel
weirdest thing ever.
we are going to have to call the company and figure this out
because that thing was not cheap
hope y'all have a fabulous Easter 
think of me wiping butts while your eating yummy brunches and celebrating with family

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