Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring. Sprang. Sprung.

hallelujah, SPRING!!!
you have finally decided to show your beautiful face
& I could not be happier
the colors of spring are just gorgeous and new blooming flowers make everyone happy
well, except for Jared
he is deathly allergic to pollen that comes with this season
bring on the stuffy nose, sneezes & red-swollen-tearfilled-itchy-glasseswearing time. joy.
that didn't stop me from filling the house with flowers snipped from our yard
with spring comes grilling time!
my absolute favorite way to cook
and with grilling comes porch drinking!
my absolute favorite way to enjoy a yummy cocktail
and with porch drinking comes puppy neglect around the grill and this happens...
Maverick covered in grease from trying to lick it up. 
[don't worry, he wasn't injured, he fully enjoyed himself]
white puppy fail.

spring also brings outdoor activities 
which mainly leads to drinking outdoors
like the Greensboro Grasshoppers game!
it was Thirsty Thursday when I went with a group of friends from work
 [$1 beers and ball park hotdogs, need I say more?]
not sure who won or even how baseball is played really
but we sure had fun
I love that I work with such a great group of people
I love them so much that I am spending all weekend working with them in the ED!
boo. because the weather is freaking gorgeous today. 
oh well, someone has got to save the people of Greensboro from themselves
[stubbed toes, paper-cuts, UTIs, and hangovers won't cure themselves...]

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