Wednesday, October 14, 2015

First Trimester

I was a total slacker and didn't do weekly blog posts in the beginning so most of the first trimester is going to be rolled into one.

8 Weeks
Baby Rice is the size of a raspberry! Still feeling great!!

9 Weeks
We traveld to Meghan's beautiful bridal shower in Charlotte. Where Caitlin point blank asked me, " are you pregnant?" And I just could not keep the secret any longer. Plus I can not lie at all. Felt so good for one of best friends to finally know!
This is also the week we tried the wedding ring over the belly to see if we could determine gender. One time it swung back and forth which meant boy but then the next try is went in a circle which is girl. Look like its 50-50 ;)

10 Weeks
Baby Rice is as big as a prune this week! The thought of eating a prune sickens me though. Still having food aversions instead of cravings. It takes me forever to eat my breakfast in the morning just because I don't want to. 

11 Weeks
Baby Rice is a big as a lime. This week this mama to be attended her first tailgate [alcohol free I might add]. I was able to convince people that I was on call for urgent care which I was I could not partake in the jello shots or keg beer. My white lie worked and it ended up being so much fun! It helps that that NC State won. 

Symptoms: Throughout the first trimester it has been sleepiness as my main symptom. I am falling asleep on the couch after dinner around 8pm every night. I am starting to get headaches on a regular basis but they are usually early in the morning and go away once I have some sugar or a tiny bit of caffiene. Other than that zero nausea (thank goodness) and remaining true with the food aversions. Currently disliking vegetables, which I used to love, and any sort of ethnic food. So far with the food it sounds like a mini Jared Rice in there. 

Movement: None yet. I can't wait to start feeling that though! I am just afraid I will mistake the movement for digestion or something. 

Most Looking Forward To: Can't wait for our 12 week ultrasound and to finally share the news with all our friends! People are definitely starting to get a little suspicious. 

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