Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A day in the life. 

7:30--time to wake up! (got to sleep in today because the dad I work for is studying for a test and has off work--woohoo!) 
9:00--give Charlotte bottle while watching Live with Kelly and Michael (our morning ritual) 
9:15--post-bottle coma 
10:00-11:30--enjoy other guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars while Charlotte naps 
12:00--Charlotte waits for lunch and learns to use her neck muscles in her bumboo seat while thinking I am insane...
 1:00--My lunch time, oh so nutritious! 
1:00-2:00--play time and walking the neighborhood
3:00-4:00--Charlotte is down for another nap and I am pinning for the wedding! 
5:30--basically steal Jared these awesome Vineyard Vines pants (two for the price of one)! Thanks Stein Mart! Even though I feel like an old lady shopping in there..
6:00--home to play with my sweet boy 
7:00--dinner is ready! Cheesy chili chicken and rice! 
8:00-whenever--off for drinks with Gwyn and Neil! 

The life of a nanny is oh so thrilling! (and exhausting)

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