Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Kelly and Matt Become Mr. and Mrs. Miller! 

this weekend was absolutely wonderful
mainly because we got to see two of our close friends get married! 

Kelly and Jared went to high school and ran cross country together
Matt and Jared met their freshman year of college way back in 2004...
Kelly and Matt have been together about that long (wow-wee)

Now begins the overwhelming amount of iPhone pictures I took over the weekend 

Rehearsal Dinner May 24, 2013
held at the Tucker House in Downtown Raleigh 
borrowed from:
how fantastic is that location?!
my hot date for the weekend!
(and the rest of my life)
with the gorgeous soon to be Mrs. Miller! 
handsome groom and two of his groomsmen..up to no good. 
Wedding Day May 25, 2013 
ceremony was held at Sacred Heart Cathedral
most gorgeous Catholic church in Raleigh
the reception was held at Haywood Hall 
it was the most gorgeous location for a wedding that I have ever seen 
perfect southern feel that fit Kelly and Matt wonderfully! 
 first dance and joint father-daughter, mother-son dances!
speech and special gift time

 Matt got a "Masters Green Jacket" and Kelly got a personal caddy outfit
Mr. and Mrs. Wuf surprised the bride and groom
best thing I have ever seen at a wedding
so jealous

Old Southern Traditon: 
bury a bottle of bourbon upside down a month before the wedding 
sky should be clear on the big day! 
worked for them, lets hope it does the same for us!
of the four years at NC State I never got a picture with them
my dreams came true at the wedding
I was literally star struck
 with the groom
Kelly, "suddenly I forgot how to cut a cake!" 
bubble hazing send off 
they rode away in a vintage truck named "Old Blew" 

Post Wedding Brunch May 26, 2013
the morning after the wedding a brunch was held at Tobacco Road 
it was a great way to get family and friends together on a smaller scale to continue the celebration
and discuss the events from the night before
having a brunch is actually a tradition in my family so it was nice to see someone else do too! 

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  1. Wow!! Such a lovely wedding week party. I too attended my cousin’s wedding rehearsal dinner party at one of NYC wedding venues. Event planner were hired that made excellent arrangements for the day. I really liked everything and enjoyed the day.