Thursday, May 9, 2013


A moment in your day. 

One of the the last moments of my day today (And one of the best).

I spent 7:30-5:00 with sweet baby Charlotte--she pooped everywhere (literally) and spit up on me a lot. Win for spending most of my day with a 4 month old baby with reflux.
After work I went with Gwyn to look at wedding dresses! This was the first time I ever gone with a friend to look at wedding dresses besides finding my own. So surreal.
Then Gwyn and I met up with Scott and Katie at First Street Draught House for dinner and drinks! I had amazing fish sandwich and Red Oak (of course)!
Finally, I came home to Beauregard because Jared is on campus at a team meeting. Beau and I are watching Real Housewives of Orange County and eating strawberry popsicles waiting for the J-man to get home.
Today was a good day. 

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